Best Web Browsers for Android Phones

Web browsers are the single most import app in your Android phone, as it is what connects you to the World Wide Web on your phone. Sure there are lots of apps for each and everything you want, but an Android web browser is what you need to find almost anything available on the Internet. Actually, a single web browser can eliminate the use of a dozen of apps (even more) from your Android phone.

But you’ve to make sure that you’re using the right & Best Android Browser in order to have optimum browsing experience in your phone. As there is a lot to choose from in Play store, you might find it a little difficult & confuse in choosing the best Android browser, as per your need. That’s why we’ve made a list of Best Android Browsers to make it easier for you. This list is almost complete with each and every type of Android web browsers you’d require on your phone. Read on!

Nowadays most websites are very well adapted for smartphones but, the best browser should have to be installed on the Android phone or tablet. So today we offer a list of the Best Android Web Browsers surfs the Internet seamlessly. You’ll gain efficiency and speed your connection!

1. Google Chrome

Probably the most widely used browser especially it because pre-installed on many Android phones. Google Chrome is the best android browser for privacy Its the most downloaded by users, with more than 1 Billion downloads. It’s a way to save data and its incognito way to browse the web privately. You can synchronize your Gmail so that all your bookmarks and accounts will be on your mobile phone and your PC at a time. Chrome for Android, Google’s web browser. Speed is the good and simple interface.



    Google Chrome   Google Chrome1    Google Chrome3   Google Chrome4Google Chrome5

  • Tabbed browsing.
  • Sync history/bookmarks across your devices.
  • Multiple gestures supported are supported.
  • The private/incognito mode feature is available.
  • Voice search & better integration with voice assistants like Google Now & Allo.
  • Sync history/bookmarks across your devices.

2. Mozilla Firefox

It is probably the major competitor of Google Chrome is Firefox. And its already a top on desktops and laptops and also wants to be on Android smartphones. Its interface is clean and simple and will have reached few touches any part of the app. We can also easily move with gestures, and one thing Chrome does not have is the “reading list” where we can store web pages to “read later”, stored in text format for ease of reading. Firefox is free and allows, in turn, installation of add-ons like Adblock or others. The overall browsing speed is good.


   Firefox Browser   Firefox Browser1    Firefox Browser2 Firefox Browser3

  • Private Browsing
  • Store passwords securely, encrypt it with a master password.
  • Add-ons support for geeky nerds.
  • Gestures will make browsing intuitive.
  • Block trackers, web malwa
  • Well organized.
  • Flash is inbuilt.

3. Opera Browser

Opera is a well-known name among browsers, it is one among the top three third-party browsers for PC & Mac. Opera for Android is easily one of the best Android browsers. It is built on top of Chromium open source, which is the engine which powers Google Chrome (Google has made it open source for other devs to work on). Opera is a very clean browser, with some nifty features. It has it’s well known “data saver” feature from it’s Opera mini browser built right into it, which also has an ad blocker. Also, the newsreader is available if you swipe to left from home screen (This feature has been drastically improved on the beta version of Opera, Opera beta).


   Opera Browser   Opera Browser1 Opera Browser3

  • Clean & clutter-free UI.
  • Opera Turbo – Renders web pages faster and saves the data.
  • Intuitive download manager.
  • One clicks user agent switcher.
  • Sync all your data with single sign-in.
  • Easy tabs navigation especially tablet mode.
  • Private browsing.
  • Pop-up blocker and filters anonymous ads.

4. UC Browser

Best android browser with AdBlock & best android browser for downloading large files: This is a browser of Chinese origin but, it has more than 100 million downloads in Google Play. The key fast browsing experience with UC Browser is the data compression of the sites we opened. Its interface is not the most beautiful in the world but does its job without any problems. A few weeks ago Google was removed Uc browser from the google play store for the reason of pop-up ads, and other annoying adverts implemented on UC browser’s each update. After the google’s strict stance action Uc browser goes back to Playstore with clean and smooth UI in the latest update!.

You can synchronize with cloud markers and tabs between devices you have with the same account Google or Facebook. The browser is completely free and deserves at least that problems because I will not leave you indifferent. Best Android Browsers


UC Browser  UC Browser1UC Browser2UC Browser3UC Browser4

5. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is now bringing its edge browser in preview mode on Android. Microsoft Edge has been released a few weeks ago. For the first time Windows browser also available for Android smartphones and tablets!. Edge comes with Bing as a default search engine but, can be changed to Google. It’s a based Chromium-based browser on Android, is recognizable. Therefore, no add-ons are available.


Microsoft Edge  Microsoft Edge1 Microsoft Edge2 Microsoft Edge3

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