What is special about computers and features of computers.

The increasing popularity of the computer has proved that it is a powerful and useful tool. Its usefulness is due to its following features:

  • Speed: Computers are very fast. They can process millions of instructions every second. The speed is related to the amount of data it processes and the time it takes to complete the processing task.
  • Storage: Computers can store vast amounts of information in the form of files, which can be recalled at any time. These files help in easy and speedy retrieval of information. This type of storage is known as an electronic storage system.
  • Accuracy: In addition to being fast, computers are also accurate. The degree of accuracy for a particular computer depends upon its design. Most errors in computers are non-technical. Generally, programmers are responsible for these errors.
  • Features of Computer
  • Diligence: Computers are diligent as they can perform any complicated task accurately without making any error. Computers do not suffer from carelessness, boredom or tiredness. Moreover, their efficiency does not decrease with age.
  • Versatility: Computers perform various tasks depending upon the instructions fed into them and their hardware characteristics. They are capable of performing any task, provided the task is reduced to a series of logical steps. A computer can be used to prepare a Word document and in between called to search for logical steps. A computer can be used to prepare a Word document and in between called to search for another document that is stored in its memory. It can perform both tasks simultaneously.
  • No I.Q.:  Computers have their own intelligence and their I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient) is zero. Hence, the user can and has to decide what tasks a computer should perform.
  • No Feelings: Computers have no feelings because they are machines. They cannot make judgments as they process on the basis of a set of instructions, called programs, provided by the users.

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